‘Among Us’ just got reimagined with anime-style finishers


There’s no denying that ‘Among Us’ is a surefire hit. The gameplay’s mechanics, where players try fixing a ship while an impostor picks them off one by one, make for a great session of intense paranoia and hilarious finger-pointing.

It’s a party game designed to be a hit among large groups of friends, a fact reinforced when Among Us passed the 3 million player count about a week ago.

But even an almost-perfect game certainly has rooms for improvement, which is what YouTuber Landonardo proved when he reimagined the impostor kill moves as anime finishers.

The animations definitely spice up the now-familiar defaults, featuring moves from classics such as One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Death Note, and that unforgettable moment from Full Metal Alchemist. Clue: It’s about a dog muttering ‘Edward’.

Currently, the animations aren’t available for modding, and seem to purely serve as an interesting in-game concept. However, seeing as game developer Innersloth is ramping up on future updates (even cancelling a sequel in the process), here’s hoping the idea gets the nod.