American Horror Story’s 8th season is confirmed to be an EPIC Murder House/Coven crossover

We The Pvblic

American Horror Story fans, the wait is over!

Season 8 is coming this year, and it’s probably the most-awaited season AHS will release. Why?

Because it’s THE Murder House x Coven crossover season Ryan Murphy has promised fans two years ago.

Yup, you can all start freaking out now.

No one still knows how this season will play out but American Horror Story regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, who both starred in Murder House and Coven will make an appearance.

Fans have been also hoping for cast member Taissa Farmiga to come back, with her last role on American Horror Story as Sophie Green in Season 6: Roanoke.

We did love those Tate x Violet and Kyle x Zoe in Murder House and Coven.






Other confirmed returns include Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts as well.

Oh, and have we mentioned the OG Kathy Bates will be coming back as well? Let’s hope she gets to yell “liiiiiiies” again.

As of now, fans can only wait until September this year to find out how’s the next season going to fare.

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