‘All That’ is getting revived and we’re crying from nostalgia

Gelo Lasin

You weren’t a 90’s kid if you didn’t watch ‘All That’ back in the day.

The Nickelodeon show was basically our version of ‘Going Bulilit’ and the birthplace of many of our childhood icons such as Amanda Bynes, Good Burger, and Kenan & Kel.


It’s pretty incredible then to learn that ‘All That’ is getting revived as reported by Variety. OG cast member Kenan Thompson is returning to his roots and serving as the reboot’s executive producer.


While the show will feature an all-new cast, the show’s original stars are set to return as guests.

Kenan, who now stars on Saturday Night Live, is excited with the project. He credits ‘All That’ as his first job and the one that launched his career as a comedian.


While no release date has been set, here’s hoping the show gives us another ‘Kenan & Kel’ reunion.


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