All roads lead home: We the Pvblic’s try not to cry challenge

Jia Mercado

Throughout the years, different companies offering different products have been hitting us right in the feels with their commercial ads. I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s amazing how these advertising companies can make us bawl within a span of one to two minutes.

This Christmas season, all roads lead back home. We the Pvblic rounded up the Top 5 commercial ads that would make you miss home even more.

*Cue Coldplay’s “Fix You”*


Are you ready for We the Pvblic’s: TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE?

1. #DamangDama – Eden, Philippines

2. The Last Customer #TagaHatidPasko – Coca Cola, Philippines

3. You can never have too many dogs #CreateNewTraditions – Globe, Philippines

4. Kwentong Jollibee: Pamasko – Jollibee, Philippines

5. Paborito Kong Apo – Mcdonald’s Philippines

Yup, you lost for sure.

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