Alex Gonzaga, please know when jokes are funny and when they’re just disrespect


It seems that Alex Gonzaga’s birthday this year hasn’t been all laughs for everyone

Her recent display of actions has been dubbed as insensitive by the Internet.

Celebrity and host Alex Gonzaga recently received flack online for her behavior yet again. In an Instagram story shared by Dani Barretto, the actress is seen to be celebrating her birthday with her loved ones. Of course, part of almost any birthday party is a cake and so a man who seems to be a server at the event brought it out and held it for her. However normal the video seems at first, takes a turn towards the end.

After blowing out her candle, Alex takes a handful of the icing and splatters it across the server’s forehead. Picking out the video apart, the Internet noticed as the video zooms on the server’s face that he doesn’t seem to have found what the birthday celebrant did funny.

Moreover, the Internet also noticed how extremely uncomfortable the situation must have been for the server, being laughed at and made a joke about by people from the upper class.

The Internet also pointed out the irony of Alex Gonzaga’s actions as a Christian. She ironically openly talks about her faith, however, treats others with a lack of grace.

It is one thing to trend about being insensitive once, but when it happens again and again, a reevaluation of your humor and behavior must be done. Maybe this year that’s what Alex can do for her birthday.

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