Albums to add on your road trip playlist

We The Pvblic

A road trip wouldn’t be complete without the perfect playlist blasting from the speakers. With these albums, your friends wouldn’t even dare take the aux cord from you.

“Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1” – Calvin Harris

The Scottish DJ/producer’s take on his fifth studio album received positive responses from fans and critics alike. “Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1” comprises of some of the biggest names in mainstream music like Snoop Dogg, Migos, Frank Ocean, Big Sean, Ariana Grande, and more. The album isn’t meant to blow you away; it simply gets you excited to spend your days lounging under the sun with a drink in hand.

“Crazy For You” – Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno’s debut album was perfectly released smack in the middle of summer 2010. With their laid-back surf-pop sound, “Crazy For You” became the summer album of indieheads everywhere. Cosentino encapsulates what the California sun would sound like if transformed to music, providing hazy yet catchy hooks that will get you moving in your seat.

“Yesterday’s Gone” – Loyle Carner

New kid on the hip-hop block Loyle Carner pulled a 180 on the stereotype of London’s resurgence of grime. The 23-year-old rapper gained praise for his unhurried bars about his internal struggle–daddy issues and his ADHD diagnosis–laid on top of easy-going production. “Yesterday’s Gone” is an essential album to fill the relaxingly quiet gaps during the ride as you reach your destination.

“Worlds” – Porter Robinson

A sort of oldie but a goodie! The album saw his departure from heavy complextro to a more synth-pop variety of electronic music, not to mention the album’s use of Avanna popularizing more Vocaloid-centered tracks on the interwebs. If the drive is beginning to wear you out, let “Worlds” vitalize your body while carrying you into an animated headspace.

Buckle up, because you’ll be bumping to these albums for a while!