Aguinaldo confesses to Bonifacio’s murder in this historical letter

Gelo Lasin

As reported by NOLISOLI, a handwritten confession which sees Emilio Aguinaldo admitting to his part in Andres Bonifacio’s murder is currently up for auction.

In the letter, Aguinaldo writes that he initially proposed for Andres & Pio Bonifacio to be exiled, but later changed his mind to have them executed instead after he was coaxed by Generals Mariano Noriel and Pio del Pilar.

An excerpt from the letter, where Aguinaldo justifies his decision, reads:

‘Dahil ditoy aking binawi at iniatas ko kay General Noriel na ipatupad ang kahatulan ng Consejo de Guerra, na barilin ang mga kapatid, alang-alang sa kapakanan ng Bayan.’

The note is signed by Aguinaldo and dated March 22, 1948 at Kawit Cavite.

It is also assumed to be addressed to Jose P. Santos, who is a historian who authored many books about the Katipunan.

The letter itself came from Santos’ collection of historical documents, which includes Major Lazaro Macapagal’s confession as Bonifacio’s executioner, an autobiography handwritten by Gregoria De Jesus herself, and the first edition of Jose Rizal’s ‘Noli Me Tangere’.

Aguinaldo’s confession is currently housed at the Leon Gallery in Makati, where it will be on display starting Feb 16.

The letter, which reportedly has a floor price of 1.2 million pesos, will be auctioned off at the ‘Asian Cultural Council Art Auction’ along with other historical artifacts on Feb 23.


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