Adventure Time is returning in 2020

Welcome back to the Land of Ooo!

2 years after its finale in 2018, Finn and the squad are making a comeback.


Streaming service HBO Max has ordered four Adventure Time specials set to premiere on the platform in 2020.

Titled ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands‘, the 1-hour long specials will center around specific characters in the beloved series, including a deeper look into Marceline & Princess Bubblegum’s relationship, a Finn & Jake reunion, as well as solo adventures from Peppermint Butler and BMO.

And while the newest installments will drop on HBO Max, the specials will still be developed by OG creators Cartoon Network – so the charm will remain for sure.

adventure time, <b> Adventure Time is returning in 2020 </b>

Co-contributor: Saab Lariosa