Adobe Photoshop and InDesign now temporarily free for students worldwide


Goodbye complicated cracks

ICYMI, Adobe has announced that students are finally getting free access to 2 Creative Cloud apps: Photoshop (for editing) and InDesign (for layout).

Per Hypebeast, Adobe shared that ‘starting today, we are offering our customers from kindergarten to grade 12 institutions worldwide the ability to request a temporary home access for their students and educators.’

Though it’s meant to be free, there’s still some bureaucracy to the process. For a student to gain access, their school must already be an education customer‘ of Adobe, meaning it has to have an existing Adobe license or partnership.

If you’re unsure whether your university is already an education customer, you can contact the IT department or send them Adobe’s online form to speed up the process. No graduates, you can’t use your old school IDs for this one.

The free access will only be available until May 31, 2020 – so let’s damn hope this lockdown ends as soon as possible.

While you’re at it, check out some Photoshop shortcuts here

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