Adele teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres and pranked some unsuspecting Jamba Juice workers

We The Pvblic

Well after a brief heart to heart on her botched Grammy performance (which BTW was caused by the piano’s mic falling on the piano strings. Adele was never not on point), the singer had time to prank a couple of Jamba Juice employees.

Adele served up some laughs through her hilarious stoic facial expressions during the prank

I’ll take a Jamba Juice,” the Brit singer said in a nonchalant voice.

“One small cup but a large,” she went on, confusing the star struck people behind the counter.

The Jamba Juice people kept their cool and helped her with her order, showcasing a bunch of things she could get, and the Grammy winner asked for “all of those.”

Even when Ellen was cracking up back at the show, Adele kept her natural acting composure, portraying a high maintenance star, asking, “Do I have to pay? I’m a star.”

Hands down to Adele when she chopped off some wheat grass and ate the damn thing without hesitation.

The workers were startled even more when she followed up by tossing her handbag – packed by Ellen herself – onto the counter with all sorts of random things: scissors, a knife and Twizzlers.

Finally, much to the delight of the frazzled employees,  Adele came clean and told them this was all just a little prank and she didn’t eat no random wheat grass for nothing.

You the real queen Adele