Adele’s new album ’30’ fuels your ‘Sad Girl November’ phase


November is a month that many people have been waiting for, particularly those who find comfort in gut-wrenching songs. Last Friday, Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version) and for this week, Adele finally gave her fans 30, the much-awaited record after six years of hiatus.

The British singer described her latest album as a “ride or die throughout the most turbulent period” of her life. Listeners were already bawling their eyes out when she released her single Easy on Me in October, but this time they’ll need more tissues as they listen to all 12 tracks.

Adele had stated in the past that the emotional discussions on her album were related to her divorce with ex-husband Simon Konecki, who also happens to be the father of their nine-year-old son Angelo. A specific track titled My Little Love shares various voice recordings of Adele speaking to her son about the separation from his dad.

In a previous statement, Adele expressed how she learned blistering truth about herself as she was making the album. She said, ‘When I was writing it, it was my friend who came over with a bottle of wine and a takeaway to cheer me up.’

‘My wise friend who always gives the best advice,’ the singer continued as she described her record. Now that it’s out, millions of listeners would most likely consider 30 as their new BFF as well. The reflective lyrics and instrumentals that perfectly match it will surely help listeners get through their ‘Sad Girl November’ phase.


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