Acer Philippines releases sequel to #KasyaPaRin series

We The Pvblic

Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez star in Acer Philippines’ #KasyaPaRin series wherein the pair find themselves looking for answers.

It starts off where things left in the first episode, with Abby’s side of the story this time. She reminisces about the times she had with Empoy’s character, going to places they went to alone.

She couldn’t be sure of his feelings for her, and so, the story takes us back to her and Mark. She finally gets the “Will you be my girlfriend?” question from her past lover and she said yes.

After a while she realizes, all she was really looking for was Empoy’s love. She was happy with him. That’s all she really needs.

We don’t know about you but we’ve got all these damn feelings caused by a damn laptop ad and we aren’t complaining.

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