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Proving that the Internet does have a voice (for better or worse), ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) has dropped the broadcast of Chinatown News TV (CNTV), effectively ending the partnership.

The official Twitter account of iWantTV, ABS-CBN’s streaming platform, broke the news. CNTV also did not air on ANC for its evening newscast this Thursday, opting instead for its Facebook page.

ABS-CBN’s decision comes on the heels of a hefty online backlash, with accusations ranging from being a puppet network to serving as a supposed propaganda machine. The furor led to an official statement from ABS-CBN, as well as a defense from News Chief Ging Reyes.

According to Reyes, ABS-CBN has editorial control over CNTV’s content. She also appealed to ’embrace diversity’ as CNTV is produced by ‘fellow Filipinos who belong to the Filipino-Chinese community.’

Prior to its tie-up with ANC, CNTV has been airing since 2017 on NET25, a network owned by Iglesia Ni Cristo.

However, the new partnership couldn’t have debuted in a more hostile climate, given the rising tensions in the maritime territorial dispute between China and the Philippines.