‘A Thousand Cuts’ docu wins prestigious journalism award


The documentary film about Maria Ressa titled A Thousand Cuts went viral in 2020 for exploring the Filipino press under the regime of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. While a few years had passed since its debut, it recently landed a 2022 Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Human Rights Award in the International TV category.

The said award is given annually by the non-profit ogranization to recognize outstanding reporting on human rights and social justice issues. RFK judges described Ramona S. Diaz’s work as an “excellent documentary film both journalistically and in terms of its realization.”

RFK added that the documentary film raises awareness when it comes to the political and societal problems in the Philippines. It also highlighted how social media is used to disseminate “lies of authoritarianism.”

Diaz said in a statement that the RFK Journalism award gave her “much-needed hope” at a time where massive disinformation is present. She said, ‘Thank you so very much, I am deeply humbled.’

A Thousand Cuts made its theatrical debut in the summer of 2020 by PBS Distribution. FRONTLINE, an investigative documentary program, also got hold of the full-streaming rights for the film in the Philippines. Viewers can watch it on YouTube and pbs.org/frontline.

Following the documentary’s release, Ressa was honored with the 2021 UNESCO Press Freedom Prize and became the first Filipino to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Both awards recognize her story as a journalist struggling in the present-day democracy.

A Thousand Cuts, <b> &#8216;A Thousand Cuts’ docu wins prestigious journalism award </b>

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