A real Iron Man suit and everything else on our Marvel wishlists

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Stepping out of Marvel Creative Day Out, everybody wants one thing: A real Iron Man suit.

The only problem is, you have to be as rich as Tony Stark to afford it at $360,000 (or P18 million) to bring home the fully functional metal suit. The life-sized suit is exclusively produced by The Toys Asia from China, but unfortunately they don’t make it in petite size.


Vice president of Product Creatives Allen Au-Yeung of Walt Disney Company Greater China tells the young crowd at the Marvel event that there was once a man who proposed in his Iron Man suit. “He waited for his girlfriend at the subway, so when she steps out of the train, he’s seen with a bouquet of flowers.”

The creatives VP also joked that since the suit has no air-conditioning tech installed in it yet, they only use it during winter in China. Allen shows a bunch of cool stuff at the Creative Day Out, showing how design is completely transforming the pop culture icon into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

A lot of the Marvel products shown at the Creative Day Out are still being developed, but here are some of the awesome Marvel we wish we could have our hands on ASAP:

1. Sunglasses with Sanctum Sanctorum lens designs


Can you see other dimensions with these kinds of lenses?

2. Vintage Guardians of the Galaxy portable cassette player


Don’t worry, it has a USB port!

3. Skateboards with retro designs


How do you say cool in 70s slang?

4. Marvel pedometer


Train like a superhero! It’s still under development, but imagine a Fitbit-like design with a Marvel comics band.

5. Arc Reactor headphones


Looks legit, doesn’t it?

6. Marvel credit card


Spend like a Stark.

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