A Filipina co-wrote TWICE’s latest English track


TWICE guaranteed to catch us yet again!

Their latest English pre-release was actually co-written by a Filipina

TWICE starts the year off right with a new song up their sleeves. ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ is an English pre-release by the nine-piece group. With its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, the Internet especially the ONCEs were immediately captivated by the new beat.

What made the Internet even more ecstatic is that a Filipina co-wrote the lyrics. Filipino-American Nina Nelson from the girl group Citizen Group proudly confirms that she co-wrote the lyrics to the girl group’s latest song along with her member Kaedi.

In a TikTok video, she shares that she is happy that the group’s fans received the song very well and that all the girls gave it justice.

@ninaannnelson I co-wrote MOONLIGHT SUNRISE for #TWICE 🥰🫰🏼 #moonlightsunrise #kpop #momo #jeongyeontwice ♬ MOONLIGHT SUNRISE – TWICE

In another video, she even playfully clarifies part of the lyrics that some fans may have misheard.

This comeback is truly a mixture of Asian talent as the members of TWICE are Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese while a Filipino co-wrote the lyrics to the bop.

@ninaannnelson Replying to @thep_rad yall r SUS 🤨 im onto you 😏😂 #TWICE #moonlightsunrise #jeongyeon #ineedyouoclock ♬ MOONLIGHT SUNRISE – TWICE

If there is one thing, Asians really know how to make hits!

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