9 Things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s time to think of ways to spend the most inconvenient day for singles. Such an inconvenience to see all those cute and happy couples with their bouquets and well-thought-out dates.

1. Barhopping


Some bars have different Valentine’s events and you never know, getting drunk by your lonesome self might attract your next significant other. Or maybe a one night stand. Either of the two. Or go home drunk and hungover. Idk, fam, we’re not fortune tellers.

2. Soul-searching


Spend the day in places where you won’t see much couples such as a mountain province in Sagada. Get lost and find yourself in the weirdest places.

3. Third Wheel promo/Bring your Ex promo

There’s promos going around for third wheels, and for those with a failed relationship with an ex. BeefX Burgers formerly known as Big B Burgers offers free poutine fries if you bring your ex and tell them why your relationship failed. It sure saves up a hell of a lot if you’re craving for fries.

Here’s the catch: You have to show receipts aka photos that you guys were really actually together.

4. Buy a bunch of comfort food, stay at home, and revel in the awesomeness of being single and not having responsibilities.


Because being single means you don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself, and no one has to rely on you. Spend the day home marveling at the wonders paintings on your home’s walls and have inner monologues with yourself.

5. Drunk text your ex


Instant hookup for all the single souls out there.

6. Group date


Call up all of your single friends and go have a nice night out. Couple friends not included.

7. Make money


Because you’re the boss ass bitch of your day and if you don’t have a date, at least you’ve got the day to make some hard earned cash. Work hard, play hard.

8. Go to the UP fair

Why not spend the day at the grounds of the University of the Philippines and enjoy the UP fair even without a partner? Listening to great bands at a pretty good campus doesn’t require you to have a love life.

9. Watch 50 Shades Darker


Because Christian and Ana need to settle their differences if they want their BDSM relationship to work and you need to see for yourself first hand the uncut version of the movie

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