8 Reasons to Watch ‘The End of the F***king World’ on Netflix

Gil Cadiz

Trust us, this eight-episode black comedy gold from the UK will get you glued to your couch for four hours straight. The series currently holds a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Here’s our take on why it’s getting quite the acclaim from both critics and audiences.

1. Badass Concept and Execution

Adapted from the comic series by Charles S. Forsman,“The End of the F***cking World” tells the unusual story of 17-year-olds James and Alyssa, both damaged by childhood experiences. James thinks of himself as a psychopath and wants to move on from killing animals to murdering humans. Alyssa is the new girl in his school with the most abrasive personality. James wants her to be his first human kill. But Alyssa convinced James to go on road trip with her to escape their shitty life. Eventually, they found themselves breaking and running from the law. Will they find love in each other or will someone get killed?

2. Praiseworthy Script and Characterization

The Hollywood Reporter writes, “The End swings wildly between deadpan hilarious, shockingly violent and a sweetness that’s occasionally just as shocking. It’s not a tone that will hit with every viewer, but you’ll know pretty quickly how much you’re able to forgive, much less embrace, and then The End keeps pushing into murkier and murkier complications. Nothing in the narrative is all that surprising. What’s satisfying is how even the outlandishness is grounded in the two main characters and defended through extensive and candid internal monologues that serve as a counterpoint to the characters’ halting getting-to-know-you conversations.”

3. Alex Lawther

Alex Lawther as the deeply troubled James consistently threatens with violent thoughts but, all throughout, reminds us that he’s just a kid in pain, which draws us to his character strongly.


4. Jessica Barden

Jessica Barden as the aggressive, acid-tongued and equally damaged Alyssa is funny, spunky and heartbreakingly vulnerable.


5. Fine Supporting Performances

The two leads carry the series remarkably well but also worth mentioning are the fine supporting performances of Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones’ Yara Greyjoy) and Wunwi Mosaku as the two detectives trailing James and Alyssa, Steve Oram as James’ caring dad, and Barry Ward as Alyssa’s good-for-nothing dad.

6. Superb Soundtrack

Helping propel the story along is a wonderful soundtrack that features artists of yesteryear like Janis Ian, Brenda Lee, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

7. It’s Short and Fast

“The End of the F***ing World” runs eight episodes only, each one no longer than 22 minutes.

8. A Cliffhanger Ending

The series ends with gunshots heard as the screen cuts to black. We’re left to assume a tragic ending for one of the main leads. However, there’s a rumor saying Netflix will bring the series back for a second season and if that’s happening, we can assume that the character who got shot survived.

Watch the trailer here:

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