8 Photos that justify Timothy Olyphant being the epitome of aging with grace

Kaka Corral

We’ve been hooked on the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and we couldn’t help but notice how Sheila and Joel Hammond have been our #realatorshipgoals in every episode we watch.


The story revolves around Sheila being undead and needing to eat human flesh without raising any alarms, and Joel being her partner in crime in helping her throughout her bolts of hunger.

Well, we noticed how hot Timothy Olyphant is in it. I mean, c’mon, he’s literally the daddy we want. Fucking things up together as a team should be your life goals with your partner.


Here are 8 photos that justify how Timothy Olyphant is the epitome of aging with grace:

1. Okay, he was a little goofball back in the day.


2. But he grew out his hair when he got older and got pretty cute.


3. When he cut his hair – WOW. FRESH.

4. I mean, c’mon, if he looked at us like that we’d just literally die. What a hottie.


5. When he got a little older, he had some grey hair but trust us, he actually made it look cool.


6. Older him with longer hair? He’s just like fine wine, he just keeps getting better with time.


7. Plus, he’s gotten pretty good with a shovel.


8. What a pleasure it would be to call him daddy.


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