8 Heartbreaking Thoughts You Have In The Rush Hour MRT

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Because nothing is worse than being stuck with the thoughts you have in the most hopeless places: the friendzone, the fresh break up, the rebound area, the Jollibee branch without Chickenjoy thigh parts, and the rush hour MRT.

Nothing is more horrible than having to go through this day in day out of your life without anything shedding light on your current situation because this is just the way life is, this is how life works.

Whether it’s going to and coming from work, or running late errands for yourself or family or your girlfriend, I tell you, the stench of the workforce of Manila rush hour MRT will make you want to cuddle with your pillow all night, hoping and praying that the same thing doesn’t happen to you again – but it eventually will.

“Ang tagal ko nang naghihintay wala pa rin.”

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They say good things come to those who wait. And we wait. And we hope for a miracle.

But what about those people who cut in line getting inside the train before you get a chance to, and before you know it, the doors close right in front of you and you have to wait another 10 to 15 minutes for the next train to come around? Where’s the justice in that?

“Pagod na pagod na ko.”

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Because it is truly tiring to be in the situation where you’re all ready tired from waking up early, to standing in line all day, braving other MRT bodies, only to get to work 10 to 20 minutes late.

And you have to go through all that shit again going back home, with smellier rush hour MRT bodies. Goodluck.

“Wag na kasi ipilit kung wala na, eh di wala na.”


Someone keeps pushing and pushing and sometimes, you just can’t push yourself inside the heart of the MRT, much like the way you keep pushing yourself onto someone who doesn’t have room for you anymore.

“I need space.”


There was a time when I almost passed out in the MRT due to the solidity of massive bodies and not much air being distributed, let’s not forget to mention how hot it is in the Philippines. Legit init.

“Gano katagal nalang ba tayong ganto?”


It’s just tiring to be in the same place for what seems like an eternal hot oven mixed with the smell of sour bodies.

“Bakit ko ba ginusto to?”


Whether its your first job ever or you just had to go somewhere between North Avenue and Taft Avenue, you had to go there within the hours dubbed as ‘rush’.

“Pati ba naman MRT susukuan ako”

Philippines Train Accident

Enough said.

“Yoko na”


When it just hurts everywhere and you just can’t keep doing this anymore (but you have to because adulting sucks).

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Cheer up though! The good thing is that nothing stays the same and you can make it through the toughest downward spirals with a little help from change and a little more positivity in your place.

Although there was a study about Manila being uninhabitable in the next four years by American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.


But I don’t know, change may be just around the corner. Nothing bad hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

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