7 Thoughts You Get On A Saturday Morning

We The Pvblic

1I can go back to bed

This is the best thought you get on a Saturday morning, because, hello, more sleep is love.

No pressure. You can snooze until whatever time you want because you deserve it!  There’s like this feeling, because you know you still have Sunday and there’s no school or work tomorrow so your sleep is sweeter than any other day.

2What should I do later?

This question never gets old. And although you are still not sure what you will do, it’s okay, cause baby it’s Saturday! You could go to the mall, hang out with friends or play video games. The possibilities are endless.

3I can do nothing

Well in reference to the latter question, you have the option to really not do anything. You could just laze around all day, wear your pajamas and plant yourself on the couch while you watch TV. If you ask me, the government should declare Saturday as national bum day.

The beauty of doing nothing and doing anything you want! Makes sense? I don’t care cause it’s Saturday!

4No shower

This really ain’t the most sanitary thing to do, but then again, it’s Saturday. So no judgement if you choose not to take a bath, because sometimes, not showering is nice. Admit it, you do this too! Just make sure you are not going out, you don’t want to smell like a human skunk.

5I can eat whatever I want

Saturday is your day! You can pig out or go on that well deserved cheat day. Unless you’re a health buff, then this part is not for you. But really, you need to spoil yourself once in a while, and if eating a large burger or a gallon of double dutch and cookie dough ice cream makes you happy, then so be it. Saturday is also a no calorie counting day.

6I can dress down

You could wear an oversized shirt and boxers going to your local convenience store without getting any judgment. Basically, it’s up to you to if you want to go all out on your OOTD or just wear normal, not put together clothes. The rest of the week, you were busy thinking and deciding what to wear, so on a Saturday, you can choose not to care at all. Unless you’re naturally stylish, then maybe you can rock those sweatpants.

7Tomorrow is a Sunday

Thinking about this makes you feel bittersweet, because it’s sad that after tomorrow it’s Monday again, but still feel happy because today is Saturday, meaning you still have a today and tomorrow to enjoy! Basically, it’s mixed emotions—but you shrug it away because today I don’t give a f*ck, this is my day!

The possibilities are endless. You can allocate this day for sleep, for hanging out, for partying or for doing nothing at all. Doesn’t matter what you do on a Saturday, just make sure that what you would do or would not do will make you happy!

After all, weekends are supposed to be fun. And again, it’s Saturday!!!’ Whoo! (I will never get tired of saying that.)