7 new music videos that’ll help you survive your commute today

We The Pvblic

It’s the weekend once again. You need to run errands or see your loved ones or attend an event. And then it hits you – the carmageddon you have to brave to get to your destination. There’s nothing more exasperating than sitting in the bus or in a ride-sharing vehicle forever because of the traffic hell called Manila.

Music streaming apps have become our default commute companion, but when that’s not enough and if you’re in the mood to burn your mobile data plan, you can check out what your friends are up to on Facebook, see stunning visuals on Instagram, find out what people are gushing or ranting about on Twitter or watch the latest videos on YouTube.

Here below are the newest music videos from some of our favorite musicians that are not just worth watching but can make surviving the weekend metro traffic a little more tolerable.

Don’t watch these videos if you’re driving – keep your eyes on the road. But, if you’re a commuter, go right ahead and enjoy!

Solo – Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato

Using a potion, a spunky skater girl turns her abusive partner into a beautiful multi-colored doggo.

Bloom – Troye Sivan

This glam gender-bending video will give you style inspiration for when you attend the PRIDE march on June 30.

I Like It – Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Latin beat and glamour take center stage in this video that shows the trio throwing one helluva party in the tropics.

Humility – Gorillaz

Jack Black appears as a beachside busker in this cheery visual of the British virtual band’s new single off their upcoming album The Now Now.

Back To You – Selena Gomez

In this annoyingly amusing romcom-style video, Selena and a cute blond guy escape from a boring party to steal a car and set it on fire.

Girls Like You – Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B

A bevy of powerful women including Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Lopez and Gal Gadot appear in this video, dancing to and mouthing the words of the band’s latest tune.

What I Need – Hayley Kiyoko feat. Kehlani

The two queer pop singers star in this epic video as free-spirited lovers – watch till the end to see their hot make out scene by the roadside.