7 Hacks for a killer Instagram feed

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If you’ve been dreaming of owning one of those stunning Instagram profiles, then here’s a piece of advice – You don’t have to have the latest camera or the most expensive lenses. A few reminders on what makes an IG feed interesting are all it takes to make drastic improvements.

Here are seven hacks that could help you create that killer Instagram feed.

1. Content is king

Firstly, you should post quality content only. If you’re still a beginner and you don’t know much about photography, you can start improving your shots by learning about composition and the exposure triangle.

If your camera allows it, you can also try shooting in RAW format. Post-processing RAW pictures can do wonders because it can still fix ruined photos like underexposed ones.

2. Choose a layout

People have become more and more creative with their Instagram feed layouts. Basically, a layout is how your posts are positioned in the feed. One example is the “checkerboard” layout where you post a photo, then a quote, then a photo again and so on. Sticking to a layout also helps you figure out what you should post next.

Here’s some layout examples you can take inspiration from:

Checkerboard: @cerebralmist

Row by row: @personaljournalapp

Vertical line: @mysimplegram

Puzzle: @juniperoats

3. Choose a theme and stick to it

A theme is how your feed would look overall. It is how people would describe the vibe they feel whenever they see your feed. Choose the most viable theme for you and stick to it. Having a consistent feed is one of the first steps to beautifying your page so think hard about it.

Here are a few themes that you can draw ideas from:

Dark: @knottoself

White: @marcjoshveloso

Warm, vintage: @talasmanileno

Neon: @eunicknobe

Pastel: @aww.sam

4. Choose a niche

This is optional, but having a niche helps people remember your feed. For example, you’ve dedicated to posting pictures of your travels. You will then attract people who are also into it. A niche is something which you will be known for. That’s what people will keep coming back for.

One tip to choose your niche is to think about something you’re passionate about. What do you do every day? Do you love going to the beach during weekends? It is also important to choose something which you can produce content of. Because if your chosen niche is mountains, but you hike only once a year, then it would take years for you to build your feed.

5. You can also be creative with your borders

Not a lot of people make use of borders. If you want to be unique, here are a few border options that you can try:




6. Use the same filter

Consistency is key and one way to achieve the theme that you want is to use the same filter for your photos. If you’re using editing programs like VSCO or Lightroom, you can copy and paste the settings to save time.

7. Use a preview app

Hoping you could plan your Instagram feed before uploading the photos? Your prayers have been answered. Apps like Preview give you a view of what your feed will look like when you upload them.