10 Magandang Gabi Bayan episodes that scared the hell out of you

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Every 90’s kid knows those three signature words Noli De Castro says on every Halloween special: Magandang Gabi, Bayan.

It’s October and it’s high time to roll out the ghost stories that used to creep you out at night.

You’ve always looked forward to the MGB special on All Saints Day and the spooky interviews and the scary reenactments always gave you the chills.

It made you paranoid AF back as a kid and you will definitely sleep with the night light on when you relive the classic horror episodes (and don’t tell us you don’t miss Noli’s scary way of narrating).

1. Lahing Aswang

An aswang is a shapeshifting monster that usually has a combination of the traits of either a vampire, a ghoul, a warlock or a witch. In this episode, an apparent culprit for the killings of live chicken has been revealed. However, when asked about the happenings, the suspected aswang says she does not recall anything.

2. Demonyo sa Sementeryo

Cemeteries are the homes of the dead and most of them rest in peace. However, not all of them are in absolute silence as some lost souls are. This chilling episode shows the sightings of a demon in a cemetery.

3. White Lady ng Loakan

Baguio is known to be the summer capital of the Philippines, the city of Pines, but there’s one thing that they didn’t tell you: it’s a haunted city.

There’s a legend of the Loakan white lady. The legend tells the story of a woman being raped and murdered along Loakan road, with her spirit residing in a pine tree in the middle of the road.

One taxi driver claims he glanced at his rear view mirror to see a lady dressed in white sitting at the back of his cab. After a while, he looked again, and the lady was gone.

4. Kaluluwang Gala

Lost souls roam the streets of the GSIS village at La Mesa Dam.

Eyewitnesses claim they saw a woman in white while they were walking, although the woman was not walking, rather, she was floating in mid air, unmoving.

5. Kababalaghan sa Aklan

The local stories in Aklan share the myth of women with bat wings, more commonly known as manananggal or wak-wak, are believed to live in the area.

6. Campus Horror

The University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) is one of the oldest campuses in the country, seeing one of the darkest times in her lifetime: World War II. It was used as a concentration camp during the war, some souls are restless in the Baker Memorial Hall of UPLB. One student tells his supernatural experience inside the premises.

7. Multo sa Manila Film Center

The Manila Film Center has been the subject of many ghost stories since it’s inception – and with good reason. During its rushed construction in 1981, around 169 workers were buried under quick-drying cement when the scaffolding accidentally collapsed.

A good number of said workers were allegedly never retrieved, with their bodies remaining trapped under the foundation of the infamous building up to this very day.

8. Kababalaghan ng Lumang Tahanan

This one’s as straightforward as it gets. The Laperal White House in Baguio is a popular spot for ghost sightings, as its home a tragic past filled with accidents and murders.

9. Multo Sa Dormitoryo

Campuses are a haven for paranormal sightings – and this one’s no exception. The episode tackles a group of students who are being haunted by a white lady in their dorms.

10. Bahay sa Tanay

It’s bad enough to encounter one ghost, but this many? This installment follows a caretaker who encounters the deceased and former custodians of the house she’s taking care of.

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