5 Filipina celebs who absolutely slay in their 40s

Gelo Lasin

If there’s one thing that we learned from the steamy trailer of the upcoming flick ‘Glorious’, it’s that Angel Aquino DOES. NOT. AGE.

Judging by her looks, you would never have guessed that the stunning actress is a 45-year-old mother of two.

In fact, whenever she’s paired up with her kids, you could easily mistake her as their older sister esp when she’s with her eldest, Iana Bernardez.

But as the Internet recently pointed out, Angel Aquino is not the only 40-something celeb who has seemingly found the fountain of youth. Take a look at the other 5 ageless wonders below:

Dawn Zulueta

Age: 49 years old (with 2 kids)

As my fave prof in college used to say ‘Napakaganda talaga ni Dawn Zulueta. Patay siguro ang kuko niyan.’, which is a humorous jab at Dawn’s seemingly picture-perfect image. It’s really hard not to fall for a celeb who is, not only this beautiful but is also someone who manages to maintain a low-key lifestyle.

Sunshine Cruz

Age: 42 years old (with 3 kids)

Even the stress of a messy marriage isn’t enough to discourage Sunshine Cruz from looking her absolute otherworldly¬†best. Her cool relationship with her kids is also something worth stanning over.

Ina Raymundo

Age: 42 years old (with 5 kids)

Anyone who’s brave enough to show off her ‘battle scars’ while laying the smackdown on body shamers def deserves a nod on this list.

Alice Dixson

Age: 49 years old (Yes, we’re serious)

Alice Dixson has always been a personal crush of mine. She was simply way too gorgeous when I first saw her as a kid in the 90’s, and 20 something years later, that notion still hasn’t changed.

No wonder that Robinson’s snake went gaga over her.

Compilation credit: Lora Salcedo Tumamak