6 chocolates you munched TF out of when you were a kid

Gelo Lasin

We stan chocolate in every way, shape or form!

No matter how much our moms scolded us for eating too much chocolate before dinner, or how black our teeth became from all of the sugar, the undeniable fact is that we luuurved chocolate ever since we were kids.

And while we chowed down on countless chocs before we even hit puberty, there were a couple ones that stood out from the rest.

1. Mik Mik


We all pretended we were snorting coke when we were chugging packet after packet of this thing. Plus, it was the norm to choke and cough violently whenever you accidentally inhaled while sipping the powder.

2. Choc-nut


There are a ton of mysteries in life. What’s our purpose? Is there life after death? Why in the world is Choc-nut so darn addictive?

3. Choko Choko


Instead of making a huge incision like a normal human being, you would bite a small opening in the plastic and proceed to sip the chocolatey goodness inside. Don’t lie.

4. Champi


We didn’t really care for the entire candy. We just wanted to get to the yummy chocolate-filled center.

5. Stick-O


Stick-O was our first ever yosi, complete with our maangas poses. We could finish a whole drum of this thing if our parents left us unchecked.

6. Flat tops


Similar to Choc Nut, we would chomp on these as if they were mani at an inuman.

Which one was your fave?

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