6 Asian Horror Films to keep you up at night

Kaka Corral

Halloween is near and it’s time to bring out the horror movie marathons which will undoubtedly keep you up late at night. Most horror movies we’ve seen lately such as Paranormal Activity, Annabelle, and The Conjuring and we have to admit, they scared us half to death with all the jumpscares and the sudden closeups on the mumu.

But to bring something new to the plate (even though most of them are oldie movies [oldie but goodie]), terrifying Asian horror movies will always have a special spot in the horror movie category with the scare’s timing, the twists, and the horrifying deaths. Below are six grueling stories you mustn’t miss out on this Halloween:

1. Ring (1998)


“Anyone who saw the tape would die in one week.”

A classic. There is not a single soul who isn’t familiar with the Ring. It has continued to create sequels which has succeeded in breaking through the Hollywood scene.

And although the successors have tried, nothing beats the old-school Sadako crawling out of your TV screen for the first time.

2. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)


It’s a tale of two sisters (duh) with a twist. After spending time inside a mental institution, they go home to find their father and their cruel stepmother. They have to deal with their stepmother’s obsessive and unstable ways, while a ghost interferes with their recovery.

3. Shutter (2004)


This Thai movie catches ghosts on film (when it was still a thing). And ghosts with long hair seems to be a trend as a group of friends are continuously terrorized by the female ghost. Don’t go rooting for someone in the movie because you never know who the real victim is.

But that last fucked up scene still creeps me out to this day.

4. Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” – Toshio Saeki

The Japanese supernatural horror film focuses on a house that has a vengeful spirit that goes after one person after another, all of them suffering a horrid death.

5. Wishing Stairs (2003)


The Wishing Stairs revolves around the story of Jin-seong who is a boarding school student and an aspiring ballerina who wants to get into a world-renowned arts academy. She took the shot with her school’s legend:

If a student walks up the dormitory staircase and counts all 28 steps, a 29th step will appear — and a spirit will grant her a wish. 

And this is where the consequences come in and sets the horrific mood of the film. A must-watch.

6. The Eye (2002)


Probably the reason why we tend to avoid elevators with senior citizens.

18 years of blindness and Wong Kar Mun finally regains her vision by getting a corneal transplant. What she doesn’t know is that her new sense of sight lets her experience supernatural activities which quickly turns worse.

Don’t forget to scare your horror movie marathon from time to time when you watch these! Let the horror flicks begin!

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