5 TV shows to binge-watch if you love history

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Whoever said that watching television can’t be educational is not being entirely truthful. If anything, you can learn a lot from some of the well-produced historical drama shows available.

Whether you’re a history buff or still have to brush up on it, here are five TV series based on historical people or events that are not just informative and entertaining, but are actually worth your time.

1. The Crown


Even though the United Kingdom is on the other side of the world, some people can’t help but develop a curiosity for the Royal Family.

Netflix’s own The Crown follows the life of the current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, from her life as a princess up to her struggles while wearing the crown.

The show features political rivalries, scandals inside the family, and some of the events that shaped history. Here’s a bonus – they even featured the Queen’s adorable Royal Corgis!

2. Vikings


No, this isn’t the famous buffet restaurant.

The first few seasons of the show tell the story of a famous Norseman called Ragnar Lothbrok.

Although the show is mixed with fictional elements, it still gives a great overview of how the Vikings lived. Their hairstyle, makeup, and some of their rituals, like the Blood Eagle, were reportedly accurate.

3. Mindhunter


In this day and age, people are more aware of how serial killers work. But it’s not the case a few decades ago.

This crime drama is actually based on a true-to-life book called Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. It tells the story of how the FBI developed the “Criminal Profiling Program.”

While the charming main characters are fictional, the serial killers who are featured such as Charles Manson, Ed Kemper, and Jerry Brudos are real.

4. Narcos


Breaking Bad fans will love this show as it features the real-life story of the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia. Film Critics and Colombians alike praise how accurate it is. It even uses real footage in between scenes to emphasize the accuracy.

Aside from Pablo Escobar, many of the supporting characters are based on real people. Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, for instance, were both DEA Special Agents in real life.

5. The Last Kingdom


If you loved watching Vikings, then The Last Kingdom should be next on your list.

It is based on Bernard Cornwell’s books with the same title and it unfolds the story of Uhtred, a Saxon boy raised by a Danish warlord. While there is no concrete evidence that Uhtred was real, many of the events and characters that were shown such as Alfred the Great, Ecgbert, and Athelstan, were historically accurate.

It also shows the origin of England – how the different kingdoms came together and became the unified Kingdom of England.

Which one are you binge-watching tonight?