5 songs from Hale to complete your HUGOT rainy day playlist

Gelo Lasin

Before we got our hugot lines from the likes of Ben&Ben and December Avenue, there was Hale.

Hale, 5 songs from Hale to complete your HUGOT rainy day playlist

During the early to the mid-2000s, Hale was the voice of hopeless romantics everywhere. Millions of Pinoy kids grew up to listening to the band sing about love long lost, or the wishful thinkings for a better, more loving tomorrow.

As we celebrate the release of their newest album “Alon” – plus a new single titled “Beating Heart” – on June 14th, let’s take a look back at the band’s best tracks that made falling in love (and getting heartbroken) so bittersweet.

1. Kung Wala Ka

‘Kung Wala Ka’ perfectly summarizes the feeling of being hungover after a painful breakup.

2. Sandali Na Lang

The ultimate song when you’re yearning for someone who might not just be ready, Champ describes the giddiness one feels as they play the waiting game.

3. Kahit Pa

We’ve all been there. That feeling when you’re so in love that you can take on anyone, anything, anytime, obstacles be damned.

4. Blue Sky

One of Hale’s more hopeful tracks, ‘Blue Sky’ urges us to be more optimistic in spite of all our troubles, in a “there’s a better tomorrow’ kind of way.

5. The Day You Said Goodnight

Ugh. Who could forget the sole track that launched Hale into superstardom? “The Day You Said Goodnight” tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who can’t help but reminisce about the painful day that love ended.