5 Reasons why ‘Kim’s Convenience’ should be next on your binge-watch list

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Waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones? It could take a while. How about Brooklyn 99? It won’t go on air until the middle of 2019. If you are bored waiting for your favorite TV show’s new season, here’s another one that’s worth your time: Kim’s Convenience.

If you haven’t watched it, this family comedy on Netflix should be next on your binge-watch list. It follows the story of the Kims, a Korean family who are living and running a convenience store in Toronto, Canada.

Kim’s Convenience is kid-friendly so don’t be afraid to invite the whole family, including your younger siblings, to bond over this show. If you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons to make you grab the remote and popcorn.


1. It represents a diverse group of people

Many people complain about the lack of proper representation of people of color in television shows. As Asians, many of us will appreciate how Kim’s Convenience addresses this issue. It has a diverse cast and the characters in the show come from all walks of life (Koreans, Indians, Jamaicans, etc.).

The series highlights the difference of Appa and Umma’s culture (who both grew up in Korea) from their children’s, who grew up being accustomed to the lifestyle in Canada. In one scene, it even showed the difficulties brought about by the language barrier when Mr. Kim told his daughter Janet that some people might not take him seriously because of his accent.


2. You and your family can relate to it

If you’re watching this with your family, there are times when you’ll mistake the television for the mirror because of how relatable it can be. For one, it accurately shows the differences in the characters due to age gap. You’ll get a glimpse of your titos/titas in the Kims whenever they try to find out the meaning of an Internet slang or whenever they do the Korean heart pose the first time.

If Janet were a real-life person, you’d definitely click with her the instant the both of you realize you have so much in common when your parents become so overprotective. Even if you’re already in your 20s.


3. It tackles important issues

Although the show is hilarious, it doesn’t fail to discuss the common issues in society. One example is when they showed how Appa tried to understand the difference between gay and transgender. Another instance is when they showed how artists cope with how people think of art as “just a hobby” and not a profession. They touch on social issues in almost all of the episodes.

4. They can be funny without being offensive

Long have gone the days when viewers let sexist and racist jokes on television get away. People have started to become more and more considerate when it comes to other people’s sexuality, nationality, etc. And Kim’s Convenience wants to keep it that way. One of the best things about this show is that it does not have to offend a group of people for it to be funny.


5. You still have time to catch up

One major thing that discourages people from watching a show is its length. While others have a whopping 9 seasons, this one has only two with 13 episodes each so far.

So, log on to your Netflix account now. You wouldn’t want to be late to the party.