5 non-white Marvel superheroes we wish had their own movies

Gelo Lasin

Cause, you know, diversity is king

Captain Marvel is the recent superhero to take flight in the MCU, and while it’s a win for feminists everywhere, we can’t help but wish that the next superhero that gets his/her own movie is a person of color just to break the mold – even for a tiny bit.


After all, looking at Marvel’s roster, there’s a surplus of non-white supes just waiting for their next big shot.

Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel


Taking up the mantle of Ms. Marvel after Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) becomes Captain Marvel, this Pakistani-American was also the first Muslim superhero to headline her own comic book.

Aside from being a groundbreaking venture for the MCU, Kamala’s story deals with racism and social stigma stemming from her religion, which is a very relevant story in today’s climate.

Miles Morales / Spider-man


It’s crazy to think that we’ve had three Spider-men in the last 20 years AND STILL no appearance from this half black, half-Latino teen. Always a fan fave, Miles gives audiences a much-needed boost it needs from ‘Peter-Parker’ fatigue.

Cindy Moon / Silk

Another member of the Spider-Man family, Silk is Korean-American and basically possesses the same powers that Peter Parker has, although she has a far more interesting backstory.

Silk, or Cindy Moon, was stowed away in a bunker for 13 years as a way to protect her from a hunter named Morlun. After being freed by the OG Spider-man, she’s now on a quest to find her missing parents – while trying to adjust to a society she’s been absent in for a decade and a half.

Sounds neat, right?

Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider


Yes, yes, technically he’s in the MCU since he last starred in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but it always felt like his potential was being wasted on the small screen.

I mean, he’s a Mexican-American racer who drives a muscle car who can turn into a flaming demon at will.

Think Fast & The Furious, but more badass.

Riri Williams / Ironheart


Originally dubbed as the successor to Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Riri has since grown to become her own kind of hero who goes by the name Ironheart.

Not only can she match Tony’s intellect while showing off her signature spunk, but she can also serve as a viable replacement when Robert Downey Jr eventually bows out of his role.

What do you think? Who’s your pick?


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