5 NBA stars who can sing like Ne-Yo and flow like J-Cole

Gelo Lasin

Now this is pretty cool

Not only can these NBA players set the hoop on fire or throw down some massive dunks, but they can bust out some insane musical flows when their number is called upon.

These guys aren’t just good, they have some pretty legit pipes.

1. Damian Lillard


Dame Dolla first proved that he can, not only drop some buckets, but also some sick bars as well in this freestyle that he did in the radio show ‘Sway in the Morning’

The Portland Trailblazers star went on to release a single ‘Run It Up’ and two studio albums, ‘The Letter O‘ and ‘Confirmed‘ cause when your flow is this good, why not?

2. Kobe Bryant


Yup, the Black Mamba, Mr. 81, THAT Kobe Bryant.

Kobe briefly flirted with a hip-hop career (he even had a single feat. Tyra Banks) before deciding he’s better off being on fire on the court than in the record booth.

Still, Kobe’s got a decent swag with his rap game tho.

3. Victor Oladipo


Sure, the NBA has a laundry list of rappers, but did you know they also had a crooner?

While the NBA has always been associated with hip-hop, Victor Oladipo breaks that stereotype by bringing some R&B into the fold, becoming the bball version of Ne-Yo.

2018’s NBA Most Improved Player is killing it on the court as well as in the studio.

4. Kyrie Irving


Unlike the others on this list, the Boston Celtics stud has yet to release a new single, but he’s teased us with an upcoming track, along with a few lines to show off his vocal chops

5. Lonzo Ball


It might be the Lakers fan in me, but Lonzo Ball has got some pretty dope rap style in his arsenal. Sure, the entire track might just be one big ad for his signature kicks, but you can’t deny that the beats are really lit.

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