5 Easter Eggs that hinted at Taylor Swift’s New Album


13 years after her shocking experience at the VMAs, prolific singer/songwriter Taylor Swift returns with a familiar yet mature silver-glittery look in this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. That night, she brought home two Moonmans (for Best Longform Video and Video of The Year) and a surprise revelation: her upcoming album.

Midnights will be Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album. The album consists of 13 tracks, songs she wrote in the middle of the night. And because Taylor moves like a poet, the dates, numbers, and anything she posts on her socials have meanings. Here are 5 alleged easter eggs which connect to her upcoming album.

  1. This Love Announcement

    Many Swifties argue about what album she will re-record for this year. Many claim 1989 has a case, given that Taylor released two songs from the said album, one of which was This Love.However, you might have overlooked that she slipped a hint in the announcement release for the aforementioned track last May. At the end of the paragraph, she wrote and emphasized the word “m i d n i g h t”.


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  2. Daylight

    In an interview Taylor did 9 months ago with Jimmy Fallon about her penchant for easter eggs, she said, “Can I hint at something three years in advance?”, and she did. In 2019, she released her album, Lover. In the last track, Daylight, reveals a monologue which wrote: “I wanna be defined by the things that I love… Not the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. 

    Taylor has been hinting at collecting all her midnight stories in one album as early as three years ago. This was deciphered by @sammytheswiftie on

  3. Midnight Spotify Canvas

    Artists usually add one clip to all their Spotify songs to promote their new music video release, but Taylor is taking it to the next level. When you play any Taylor’s Version songs, a custom Spotify Canvas shows a moving clock and pieces of lyrics that has the word “night” or “midnight” to them.
    Artworks vary depending on which song you play. For All Too Well, it’s “Here we are again in the middle of the night”.  

  4. The Exclamation Marks

    When Taylor got nominated for the VMAs, she posted a Tiktok congratulating the people behind the All Too Well short film. Besides the cute scribbles Taylor had drawn around the video, there was another thing Swifties took notice of (and it sounds crazy).
    There was a total of ten exclamation marks counted altogether in the Tiktok video and on the caption itself, which many Swifties assumed to be hinting at the 10th studio album. It sounds like a reach, but it’s pretty unhinged if true.

  5. The Taylor vs. KimYe Reference

    We are no strangers to the Swift-West drama, and Taylor made sure we never forget. Her mirror-ball-like dress for her VMAs return wasn’t coincidental. It was a reference to a night 13 years ago when Kanye charged the stage to steal her spotlight after winning Best Female Video for You Belong With Me.taylor, 5 Easter Eggs that hinted at Taylor Swift’s New AlbumAs she did her winning speech as MTV’s Top Honor (uninterrupted this time), she also mentioned her album is set to release on October 21st– the same day as Kim Kardashian’s birthday. If there’s one thing we could count on Taylor, it’s that she seeks revenge when it is needed.

Being in the Taylor Swift fandom will make you appreciate talent beyond the voice. It’s the skill of putting together stories into lyrics, clues, and even in video form. Taylor Swift continues to prove how wonderfully intelligent she is. Deciphering her easter eggs makes us wonder how many more of them are out there.

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