4 delicious reasons why craft beer is the KING of all beers

Gelo Lasin

We STAN craft beers


Last Saturday, WeThePvblic attended the 2018 Manila Craft Beer Festival at Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City – and it was like we achieved beer nirvana.

While it may seem like all beers are created equal, we discovered that there are a couple of standout reasons why mass-produced beers aint got nothin on these custom made, oh-so delish craft beers.

It tastes a hella better

Commercial beers taste like watered down piss after trying the ones that we had at Manila Craft Beer Festival.

It’s tough to describe just how good craft beers are, but the main thing you’ll notice is the emphasis on flavor. Craft beers are richer, smoother, and has a more ‘solid’ taste.

It all makes sense tho. Craft brewers lack the marketing power that corporate beer companies have, so their beers HAVE to be good in order to get people talking about their product.

As such, you’re always guaranteed of a high-quality brew.

Speaking of good tasting beer, ‘Santiago’ from Antipolo was the def the best out of all the ones we tried at the Festival. Their lightest beer ‘Amihan’, isn’t too soft nor too rough but has the alcoholic effect of a light beer.

Yey to Diversity!

Aside from the perfect brew of Santiago’s, we drank a beer so intense it nearly blew our socks off, and one that had a flowery aroma to it.

With craft beers, you can find almost any flavor that suits your taste, with just the right alcohol content that fits your current mood.

Tons of FOOD + BEER combos

Of course, with varied tastes come various kinds of pulutan that perfectly compliments your one of a kind beverage.

We nearly got impatso from the endless array of food that we tried at the Festival, but we aint complaining. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. WAS. SO. DELISH!

There was a pork/beef platter, sisig, chicken wings

Isaw and other street foods

The Manila Craft Beer Festival

Aside from the best beers the country has to offer

The mouthwatering food

And the head-bopping music

The Manila Craft Beer Festival was an awesome event to meet other people who share the same passion and love for all things beer.

It was a night where our tastebuds were never bored, a night of discovering our newest fave drinks and a night of community and togetherness.

We’ll definitely look out for the Festival next year.