4 DarLentina moments that have the Vadengs feeling all the kilig


DarLentina stans…it is our time to shine!

We love being served by our favorite Vadengs! 

Since the reimagination of the superhero TV series, “Darna” aired, fans have been shipping rival characters Darna and Valentina. The two characters have been the talk of social media ever since the series’ pilot episode aired.

In the show, Jane de Leon plays the titular character Darna, a.k.a. Narda, while Janella Salvador plays the opposing Valentina, a.k.a. lawyer Regina Vanguardia.

A massive amount of tweets say that Valentina and Darna are better as girlfriends than being friends (or foes). The ship, named “DarLentina,” trended with many fans joking that the series will follow an enemies-to-lovers trope. It all started with this scene of Narda telling Regina how she felt safe looking into her eyes. Regina replies: “Just look into my eyes.” *gay panic alert* From then on, fans of the show have been shipping them since, creating fan art.

There are also TikTok edits with Regina crying over Narda not liking her back—and it’s sending us to deluluville. The edit looks so real that it can pass off as an actual scene from a GL movie or gay storyline for DarLentina.


a #darlentina : kung di rin tayo sa huli… #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypage #copylink #darlentinaendgame #darlentina_edits #janenella

♬ Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw (Tower Sessions Live) – December Avenue

Off-screen or on-screen, DarLentina or JaneNella, has palpable chemistry—let’s talk about some of these moments that had us feeling all the kilig.

Going live on Instagram together

The gals were spending time together and of course, DarLentina stans were very happy and fangirled about these two spending time together, just the two of them.


ANG KULET NI JANELLA 😂 #janellasalvador #janedeleon #darna #valentina

♬ Miss You – Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz



Both of them were all glammed up, looking fabulous. But let’s talk about the audio used with the lines, “I hate you” and “I know,” in seductive tones.


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Dressing up as Velma and Daphne for Halloween

Jane and Janella definitely understood the assignment when they dressed up as Daphne and Velma for Halloween last year (characters who are also shipped by fans).


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Being open to doing a GL series together

Now this—a moment that got DarLentina fans have been cheering and celebrating.

During Darna’s media con on Jan. 30, 2023, Jane and Janella opened up about how they’ve joked about shipping their characters, but they didn’t expect fans to be all aboard, too.

The two actresses said they were happy with the fans’ support, felt honored to have the LGBTQ+ community supporting their tandem, and were glad to become role models for women empowerment and women loving women.

They also both agreed that they are open to doing a GL series and let’s hope that our wishes will be heard *crosses fingers intensely* 

Happy to say that these two were very open and wanted to dive into the trend, but they hope to remain respectful to the LGBTQ+ community.

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