With the Lakers win, 2020 gets its rare storybook ending


We did it, Laker Nation. We really did it.

We The Pvblic doesn’t cover sports events, given that it’s really not our forte. But I feel that the latest championship run from the Los Angeles Lakers – their 17th overall – deserves a unique nod.

It’s not just the fact that Finals MVP Lebron James won his 4th chip with 3 different teams. Or that the NBA managed to impressively pull off a season in the midst of a pandemic, when so many other sports leagues bowed out.

It’s the fact that in the year 2020, where bad news seems to be churned out on the daily, the Lakers managed to pull off a triumphant story made for Hollywood movies. A bittersweet arc that started with the tragic demise of Kobe, his daughter Gigi and seven others in January, and ended with Banner #17.

Winning one for the Black Mamba has always been one of the rallying cries for these Lakers. First-time champ Anthony Davis, who was Kobe’s teammate in the 2012 Olympics, summed up their motivation:

‘We didn’t let him down. Ever since the tragedy, all we wanted was to endure for him and we didn’t let him down’.

‘I know he’s looking down and he’s proud of us. I know Vanessa [Bryant] is proud of us… he was a big brother for all of us and we did this for him’.

No amount of championships will ever replace Kobe and those who died on that fateful day. But in a year marked with losses, this latest Laker triumph is a welcome change of pace. Not just as a lifelong Kobe Bryant fan, who first started watching the purple and gold in 1998, long before I understood how basketball worked.

But also as a human being who, after watching the world crash and burn, is just happy to finally see something go right.

lakers, <b> With the Lakers win, 2020 gets its rare storybook ending </b>