WATCH: 2019 Super Bowl trailers you should give a damn about

Gelo Lasin

Another Super Bowl has concluded and while most Filipinos do not really give a damn about football, we absolutely do when it comes to movies.

From intense sequels to crazy spinoffs, here are the best trailers that dropped for 2019’s most anticipated movies.

Avengers: Endgame

Abandoned cities, Tony working in space, Cap in some sort of group therapy session… man, April can’t come soon enough.


Captain Marvel

New trailer, same concept. Captain Marvel is one badass heroine and we can’t wait for her MCU debut.


Hobbs & Shaw

From street racing to supervillains, Hobbs & Shaw is taking the Fast & the Furious franchise into a whole new realm of crazy.


Alita: Battle Angel

While the plot is a bit trippy to write down here, producer James Cameron (Terminator, Avatar) busts out another gorgeously impressive CGI-heavy film which we personally can’t wait to see at IMAX.



Jordan Peele is back in the director’s chair after his smash horror hit ‘Get Out’. Judging from the trailer, ‘Us’ isn’t looking to disappoint.


Toy Story 4

Woody and a newly-improved Bo Peep are looking for Buzz, who seems to be stuck as a prize in a carnival. Plot details about the flick is still scarce, apart from the fact that a new toy is joining the old squad.

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