16 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

Gil Cadiz

Instead of coming up with a new year’s resolution which you know you’ll have a hard time fulfilling, why not come up with a list of reasonable things that you’d like to do or accomplish next year? Here are some ways you can make 2016 an outstandingly eventful year.

katy-perry-working-out-gif1. Get back in shape.

After days of stuffing yourself with extra calories and cholesterol, you owe it to yourself to sweat it all out. Get into circuit training workout, get into yoga or just commit to doing those daily 15-minute home exercise routines. Always remember that health is our primary wealth.


2. Sign up for a training or short course.

Look for one that is aligned with your line of work and will help further your career. Be open to learn more and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in your current job title.

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3. Take on a new project.

It should be something big enough to make a difference in your company or your family. Include in your 2016 KPIs a project that will help your company cut cost or increase revenue or something that will help enhance your company’s reputation. For your family, it could be as simple as managing the renovation of your kitchen or getting rid of the clutter of pre-loved items.

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4. Read at least one self-help book.

It could be a book that could help you be better in your profession or one that simply teaches you to live life efficiently, happily and peacefully. Also, reading makes you a better conversationalist.

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5. Try a new fashion style.

Open wide your closet – if you see nothing but black and gray, it’s high time you invest in light-colored clothes. And if you see a single dominant style in your current wardrobe, it’s time to change it. Try something new. Be interesting, be exciting!


6. Visit at least one local destination.

Travel agencies nowadays offer very affordable travel packages. Go north, go south; it doesn’t matter. You’ll help boost the econonomic health of the province you’re visiting and come back with a stronger appreciation of our own country.


7. Visit at least one foreign country.

If you have regular income, you can save up for at least one trip abroad. There’s nothing like the experience of walking the streets of a strange land, seeing sights, talking to local folks, trying their food and getting to know their culture.


8. Attend at least one music festival.

If you’re a music buff, you need to experience attending a music fest at least once in your life. Enjoy the intoxicating sensory experience of listening to your favorite artist live while being in the company of kindred spirits. Get stoked, and just go cray cray with your friends!


9. Meet up with a friend whom you’ve not seen for so long.

Trade stories over coffee or wine. Relive your past shenanigans. Gossip about common friends. Laugh hard. Start your friendship anew.


10. See at least one play.

The Philippine theatre industry is thriving. There’s a lot of straight plays and musicals to see. Go watch at least one of them, and be entertained and enlightened. Bring a friend who has never seen one.

11. See at least one comedy show.

We have insanely talented homegrown stand-up comedians. See one of their shows to know how it is to struggle to breath while laughing non-stop.

Kanye West Live in Manila

12. See at least one concert.

Support your favorite artist’s career by buying tickets to their concert. This is how you keep them current and relevant. This is how you encourage them to make more music; to create more art.


13. Learn something new.

Enroll yourself in a language class or a hip-hop dance class. Take guitar or voice lessons. Learn to bake. Anything that would make you more productive and would save you from getting stuck in a rut.


14. Share love, give love, spread love.

Devote a few hours to a cause of your choice. Help build houses, play with the kids in an orphanage, help out in a hospice, pack disaster relief goods, or help bring supplies to a rural school.


15. Have a spiritually nourishing experience.

Go on retreat or on pilgrimage. A few days of silent conversations with yourself and with God can bring you clarity, focus, confidence and peace of mind.


16. Do something extreme.

Ride a chopper, rock climb, windsurf, hang glide, wingsuit fly, take an underwater selfie, get your photo taken on a mountain peak above the clouds, announce the wrong winner in a competition then apologize. YOLO!

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