’13 Reasons Why’ has a new trailer and it is intense AF

We The Pvblic

“I thought this whole thing would be over,” Clay (Dylan Minnette) says in the voiceover. “But it’s not.”

In the opening scene, you’ll see Clay receive a mysterious polaroid that says, “Hannah wasn’t the only one.”

The Netflix trailer is jampacked with a lot of mixed feelings, but mostly a lot of tense, pent up emotions that’ll surely blow up in the Season 2 trailer for the teen drama.

Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) makes brief appearances, mostly to Clay as he fights for justice and to make things right. But, Jessica (Alisha Bloe) thinks otherwise, saying, “The truth doesn’t always make things right.”

“It’s going to keep happening,” Zach (Ross Butler) added. “It doesn’t stop.”

Season 2 will debut on May 18. 

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