The oldest living Filipino might land a world record at 124 years old


One of the most common events that people celebrate in their lives is their birthday. You’ve heard of throwing a sweet sixteen party, a debut when you reach 18, and also a golden birthday year at 50. But Lola Francisca Susano a.k.a. the oldest living person in the Philippines turned 124 years old last Saturday.

Commissioner Franklin Quijano of the National Commission on Senior Citizens visited the supercentenarian’s house and gave her a flower bouquet, a recognition plaque, P10,000 in cash, and a manager’s check worth P24,000. To complete her birthday, she was also surprised with birthday cakes and gifts.

Lola Francisca was born on September 11, 1897, which makes her six years older than Japan’s Kane Tanaka, who currently holds the title of the world’s oldest person. Senior Citizens Party-list Rep. Rodolfo Ordanes said that the documents needed for Lola Francisca’s claim to the title were being verified by the Guinness World Records Organization.

Ordanes also encouraged the House of Representatives on Monday to award Lola Francisca a one million pesos worth of cash gift. In filing House Resolution No. 2207, he said that the grant should be given in recognition of the 124-year-old’s “monumental achievement”. It will also help support her family during the pandemic.

‘In view of the honor that Mrs. Susano brings to our country and for inspiring every Filipino to strive and overcome old age,’ he said. ‘We should give her the proper recognition and aid she deserves.’

124, <b> The oldest living Filipino might land a world record at 124 years old </b>

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