11 Uber cute Ultra Violet things you probably don’t need but want anyway

Vinz Lamorena

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s designated color of the year, and we’re just as excited as purple lovers to see this beautiful shade everywhere we go. Or, more accurately, bring this color wherever we go, as we buy a ton of stuff that are in this shade.

As if we don’t already have loads of purple stuff, we actually browsed the internet for more goodies in every possible shade of violet:

1. Stabilo pastel highlighters

Study in style! We honestly want a Stabilo highlighter in every color.

2. Faux fur for all your flat lays

Poof, you’ve got a cute instant background!

Get yours at The Fur Factory.

3. Dainty dried flowers

You can use it for flat lays or indoor arrangements—and you never have to worry about changing the water on the vase.

Get yours at Common Room.

4. Purple hair, because why not?

Forever style peg: Camille Co. You can even DIY your purple locks!

Get your bottle of purple hair dye at Funky Streaks.

5. Kevin Kwan’s “China Rich Girlfriend”


It’s time to hit the books, the first movie “Crazy Rich Asians” will premier in August this year.

6. Pop culture stickers

Marcela Suller’s illustrations are absolutely adorable, and every fandom would see a piece or two to take home from her sticker and button collections.

7. Bath bomb

A relaxing, aromatic, and, not to mention, glittery purple bath? YES PLEASE!

Get yours at Lush Cosmetics, they have loads of purple bath bombs!

8. Sunnies


Fight off those Ultra Violet rays in the most stylish way possible.

Get yours at Sunnies Studios

9. Adventure Time printed socks

Mix & Match! 👌🏼 Photo repost from @pandalyssaa 🐼

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Socks that will make every AT fan go mathematical!

Get yours at Iconic Socks.

10. This rain clouds glitter enamel pin

Looking for a silver lining is passé.

Get yours at Clorty Cat Crafts

11. A shimmery everyday notebook perfect for a dazzling personality

A notebook that would make Sharpay Evans proud.

Get yours at National Bookstore.

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