‘100 Tula para kay Stella’ director apparently doesn’t handle criticism well

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100 Tula para kay Stella director Jason Paul Laxamana is getting a lot of backlash, not for his film, but for the way he handles criticism of his creation.

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino entry focuses on Fidel (JC Santos), a stuttering hopeless romantic who falls in love with Stella (Bela Padilla), the rocker chick with the black lipstick. He writes her 100 poems in hopes of him winning her over.

The movie is striking, with moments in the film that will make you actually feel every ounce of hurt, and every bit of careless joy the protagonists feel.

Every film has its fair share of all sorts of feedback, but direk Paul Laxamana apparently doesn’t handle the criticism very well — not at all. Every positive feedback about the film, Laxamana retweeted and thanked, while negative feedback received the same thing — negative feedback from the director.

And now the director made a stance against so-called haters:

“A career not built on making papansin [asking for attention] on social media cannot be demolished by people whose lives revolve around making papansin on social media.”

Film critic Philbert Dy came out and tweeted the director:

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