10 Reasons Why Leggings is Heaven Sent

We The Pvblic

It don’t matter if you’re black or white.


Have you ever wanted the luxury of having such a flexible little garment on your lovely lady lumps without having to worry about stretching it out?

Well, worry no more. Leggings are the new in and everyone is having a piece of it.

Kendall rocking those leggings with that laid back outfit. Flawless.


Did we mention bad gal RiRi was using it on Casual Wednesdays (and on point, BTW)?


Can’t see you haters.

Lol you can’t sit with Selena Gomez if you ain’t wearing leggings.


They grow up too fast.

Kristen Stewart looks like a rockstar goddess I mean, cmon.


Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens twinnin with those Aztec leggings.


And they aren’t even trying to look fab, come on guys.

Can Miranda Kerr BE any more perfect?


*googles tips on how to lose weight and jump mid-air looking fierce in a photoshoot*

Sugar, spice.


And everything nice in Kate Upton’s OOTD. Gym OOTD goals (if I actually went to the gym and made use of my membership).

But why should women have all the fun?

Men need style and comfort too.

Let’s kick it off with a little bit of the Biebs in his Tiger-striped meggings.


Sexy and everyone knows it thanks to adult Bieber.

Did nobody tell you meggings could be for running too?


Russell Brand knows the dealio.

This tight, leather leggings is weirdly bizarre but Lenny Kravitz is actually pulling it off.


Then again, he pulled off the gold eyeliner in The Hunger Games too so he could be God for all I know.

You want a cool pair of leggings and meggings for you and maybe your boyfriend too? Well, you could try CEX’s new pre-order site www.colourexplosionhk.com, the company of Carmela Fernandez and boyfie Agam Sheen.

(FUN FACT: Fernandez started the business as a thesis and look at her now!)

On a side note, do well on your thesis, you just may have a future out of it (Unless you’re that lazy thesismate that rides on the success of your mates and doesn’t pull her workload weight).

So, ready to look hot af? Werq it.