Yup, he was in the perfect ‘location’! Khalid sings his top hit with a street performer

We The Pvblic

Rising R&B singer Khalid is the new ish. Everyone wants a piece of his location, everyone wants to be saved by his soulful, dreamy music.

One night he was walking down Universal CityWalk Hollywood when he told the pvblic someone was singing “Location” from his Teenage Dream album. The next thing that happens is magical.

He actually gives the people there a free show with the street performer named Johnny Martin.

“I was singing his song and he just came up and jammed with me,” said Martin.

“I was walking and I overheard someone singing my song [‘Location’],” Khalid wrote on Instagram. “This is what happened afterwards. S/o to [Johnny Martin] thanks for letting me join in.”

Check the amazing moment below:

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