Your favorite 90s Nicktoons are making a comeback

Vinz Lamorena

We breathe a collective sigh as a generation as we turn on our TVs and see for ourselves that they don’t make cartoons like they used to. “What are they making kids watch these days?” we often ask ourselves. #MillennialProblems

But, the biggest plot twist (that actually matters) of the decade is this: Our favorite Nicktoons will be turned into full-length animated films!

In the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Nickelodeon announced that two retro favorites, “Hey Arnold!” and “Rocko’s Modern Life” will each have their own movie spinoffs.

The TV network rolled out the trailers for the upcoming animations, and had every 90s kid nostalgic and ready to kick it old school.

“Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie” is said to continue where it ended 13 years ago. The trailer showed familiar characters throwing Arnold a surprise event with a video presentation as its highlight.

Arnold’s friends—of course, led by his BFF Gerald—filmed why the nicest kid of the block deserves a “San Lorenzo trip.” Nickelodeon revealed the movie would also “resolve unanswered questions and plotlines–including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents.”

While Arnold and his friends are picking up where they left off, the setting of “Rocko’s Modern Life” is fast-forwarded to the present we’re all familiar with. The series originally aired from 1993-1996, and the satiric approach to commercialism remains prominent in “Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling.”

“I don’t think we’re in the 90s anymore,” Rocko said while he and his friends Heffer and Filbur (and pet dog Spunky) discover and experience today’s inane innovations and lifestyle habits. Of course, the negative effects of the movie’s reality eventually all fall on Rocko’s lap—and his friends remain oblivious to it, just as they always have.

Last November 2016, Nickelodeon released the live-action film “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” in reference to another 90s TV favorite. The gameshow-inspired story revolves around three siblings who find themselves in a jungle-tour-turned-survival-quest. They find a hidden temple, which holds a mixed history of Mesoamerican and Greek roots, realizing they must outsmart its guards to make it out alive.

Sounds familiar? You should definitely add that to your must-watch list before the next Nickelodeon movies are dropped this year.

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