Xian Gaza isn’t taking Erich Gonzales’ rejection on his billboard coffee proposal lightly

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“Nyeaaaaaam!” he excitedly shouts as he checks off another thing on his bucketlist while he travels Cambodia.

Yes, billboard suitor Xian Gaza has become the talk of the social media town, with everyone making memes, remixes, and just basically a bunch of parodies of him.

How did it all start? With Erich Gonzales, of course.

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He tried to woo her into having a coffee date with him via a billboard along Morayta, and it blew up pretty quick, becoming a viral memo, reminding us that money isn’t everything, and actually buying a billboard for your celebrity crush is really a bit weird and creepy, and it doesn’t always pay off in the end because Erich declined the coffee offer, contrary to her first statement that she’d go if a certain Darla Sauler accompanied her.

“To be honest, regarding that issue, noong una, just like you guys, na-surprise ako. Natuwa naman ako sa effort. As things unfolded, lumabas ‘yung mga expose about him, ako naman kasi personally, lahat naman ng supporters ko naa-appreciate ko lahat ng ginagawa nila, malaking bagay o maliit man ‘yan,” she told ABS-CBN.

It became apparent to Gonzales however that she started to feel unease when Gaza started posting lengthy messages on social media.

“Parang naging uncomfortable ako. After talking to my family and my closest friends, I decided not to meet him na lang,” she said.

And now, Gaza is taking it out on the Internet.

Tsaakit ba bes?

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