How to win a girl over with love and creativity like Ateneo’s very own Rex Intal

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If you think you’ve got it all figured out in the romance section with a box of chocolate and a bouquet, you’ve got it all wrong.

Love is patient, love is kind. Love is making your other half smile.

Ateneo de Manila University’s very own volleyball star Rex Intal showed the pvblic how to win over a girl with love, creativity, and a whole lot of planning.

He decided to give Ciacia Mendoza a grand gesture by asking her the big question at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley.

Rex shares with the pvblic how he did it:

I texted her na i cried (which i really did becasue of my contacts lang) to make her overthink HAHA sorry

So the day started with me being unusually cold with my texts because I was busy cramming the magazine HAHA my problem lang was regarding the printing dilemma of the magazine since i saved it as spreads and not as pages. (basta design student ako okay wag niyo na igets)

“We were supposed to go to an event (i faked an event and she was my plus one supposedly) and she told me she was gonna wear a button down polo. NAHHH. I then faked a conversation with someone from the “event” informing her to wear a dress HAHAHA

“I made a 70 page magazine but it wasnt hassle for me bec i was so much inspired

We then had dinner in an Italian resto and we ate outside (it was way better outside cash me ousside how bow dah) I then showed her the pictures that esther took. but i never revealed her identity hahaha

Then when we landed on the best spot, the gondola dude gave me the bouquet

The whole 1-hour car ride she was mad at me for not telling her the problem. I was pulling off my John Lloyd acting moves telling her i was okay but showing her i was problematic. She kept insisting me to tell her. She got mad, nagpaawa siya (there.. i edited it), she joked about it, basta she tried everything haha and then SHE EVEN CRIED FOR THE FIRST TIME (look at her make up) that poor little thing hahaha

Here’s the magazine cover that shook the pvblic

This was perfect because she misses Italy (she grew up there). She kept looking for the photographer

He then proceeded to show the pvblic how he interviewed Mendoza’s close friends for parts of the magazine

With some special dates

This specific day was planned MONTHS ago and it went perfectly

The advertisments i put had meaning haha and i designed a september-march calendar

The bridge

I then popped the question by giving her the magazine i worked on for quite some time

An interesting read

I winked at the gondola guy to make sure that everything was perfect haha we then rode the boat.”

“All i heard was ‘omg’ ‘omg’ ‘omg’ when i was just waiting for the ‘yes’ UGH

Plot twist: She forgot to say yes.

Nonetheless, everything went smoothly and Rex finally got the “yes” he deserved. Well done, Rex! Love is not dead ❣

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