What the ‘Despacito’ lyrics actually mean

We The Pvblic

There is absolutely no exceptions whenever we hear this song — everyone has to dance to it. Absolutely EVERYONE.


Despacito blew up when Justin Bieber came into the remix with Daddy Yankee in the Luis Fonsi track. And shockingly, despacito doesn’t mean “desperate.” It means “slowly.”

To fill in your probably-curious mind, here’s the lyrics to the raunchy song:

I want to breathe your neck slowly.
Let me whisper things in your ear,
that you’ll remember when you’re not with me.
I want to undress you with kisses slowly.
Sign the walls of your labyrinth
and turn your body into a manuscript.

I want to see your hair dance, I want to be your rhythm
I want you to show my mouth your favorite places.
Let me surpass your danger zone,
until it makes you scream
and makes you forget your last name.

At the end, the lyrics go:

We’re going to do it on a beach in Puerto Rico, until the waves scream ‘Oh, Lord!’

Now remember, whenever you try to sing along to the song, you’re actually saying all those things you probably didn’t know, like us.

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