What it means to be a female artist

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“Gender? What gender?”

Photo by Vinz Lamorena

Mika Bacani responds as the artist panel of “Beyond Vol. 2” was asked about the challenges of being a female comic book artist in a field dominated by men.


“There’s no DNA in a comic—we all just see ourselves as an artist,” Mika adds, “It’s not a reason for anyone to be afraid of being a woman—a female—it really doesn’t matter.”

Joining her at the launch of the second issue of “Beyond” last Oct. 7 at Fully Booked, Bonifacio Global City were fellow artists Rian Gonzales and Hulyen.

“Entering the comic scene—it’s not hard to be part of the industry. I found it to be that way because I’d like to think I brought a new kind of comics that people will get to enjoy with fresh eyes,” Hulyen shares.

The “Ugh” comics creator also says that the comic community is welcoming to weird comics regardless of your gender.


 Rian also agrees with her fellow “Beyond” illustrators, saying that all artists—whether male or female—are compelled to contribute what they know to the characters they create. The creators determine their characters’ fun aspects, and of course, relate to them at a certain level.

IMG_8951“Nobody knows what a female character goes through more than a woman,” Rian shares. “I feel like in illustrating—doing what I do—I lend a bit of my personality to the characters in the process.”

The three have observed that there are also so many female artists in comicons, and that just means there’s more room for more artists to become part of the comic scene.

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