Wear what you eat with fast-food fashion

Vinz Lamorena

We’re all familiar with KFC’s Streetwise bucket meals, but here’s something new: KFC streetwear.

The fast-food company’s foray into fashion coincides with their 30th anniversary, and the streetwear collection has the cutest chicken-themed graphics.

Of course, their famous slogan “Finger lickin’ good” is imaginatively part of the contemporary wearable art collection. You’ll find it on a graphic baseball tee and as a gold script necklace.

lf (3)Notably minimal and hip, the sky blue t-shirt with fried chicken thumbnails easily passes for an everyday outfit. There are also fried chicken socks that are available in two colors, and a mustard  sweatshirt with the words “fried chicken USA” embroidered on its front.

lf (2)lflf (4)If you love KFC’s mashed potatoes so much, maybe you’d consider a digitized print of it on your wall? Don’t worry, KFC totally saw your need for fast-food inspired interiors way before you realized it.lf (5)

While all these pricey KFC pieces can be bought online, Mcdonald’s just dropped its free merch line for the McDelivery global launch. It’s so dope we wish we could order the items from the collection.

GroupShotThe promo is only available in select cities, where the Ubereats app is used as Mcdo’s primary delivery platform. Lucky customers who order through the app will receive fast-food gear.

It’s not available in the Philippines for now, but we’re still keeping tabs on the merch—we don’t know about you, but we’d like to sleep in a Big Mac onesie.

Onesie1800x3200We’re also in love with McDo’s breakfast hoodie which features an English McMuffin and hashbrown design. They also have slides, track pants and hoodies with the “world famous fries” graphic, perfect for lazy days.


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